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Sulli Osto - Grand Story Teller, Purveyor of Magic & Keeper of The Knowledgeable Knows

“Some Say they Cross The Bounds at Night. Some Say it’s morning time. But! It all depends upon the wind and the Magic that Blows in.”

Sulli Osto - Grand Story Teller

Hello! Hello! Welcome to Color the Magic Art & Other Eccentrics, an online Art Shop full of Coloring Pages & Story-Cards, rich with amusing stories and eccentric “tells” of Magical, Boundary Crossers.  I am Sulli Osto, a Magical, Boundary Crosser myself and I will be your guide as you shop and tour our magical place of fun.  If you are looking for some great, coloring fun with an eccentric story twist, then let’s get to shopping.  And by the way!  The Magic begins as you shop!

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