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Sulli Osto – Grand Story Teller, Purveyor of Magic & Keeper of The Knowledgeable Knows

Hello, Hello and Welcome to our ABOUT PAGE!  For those of you who have not met me, I am Sulli!  Sulli Osto, Grand Story Teller, Purveyor of Magic and Keeper of “The Knowledgeable Knows.” And!  Whilst I’m here at Color the Magic Art & other Eccentrics…I will be your guide.  Yes!  That is correct!  I have been instructed by M. Lynnie & X‘Stazzle Publications to share with you all of The Knows while giving you the grand tour of our digital story telling art shop—Color the Magic Art & Other Eccentrics!

Here is the first of The Knows about our shop:

I must tell you about M. Lynnie.  She is the creator of the art and uses only the finest of black ink pens to hand draw and create all of the great story-telling characters in our shop.  
M. Lynnie also pens the stories and the poems.  She frequently creates her characters and stories while hiding-out in the grassy knolls that overlook a beautiful lake and wildlife refuge in Idaho.  Once the art is drawn to her purrfection, she has it scanned to a high resolution.  This is important for you to know.  Why?  Because once you purchase a digital download, you can print it in almost any size of your choosing.  M. Lynnie has huge posters of her art hanging throughout her home and in her art room.  But wait!  There are many other creative and fun things you can do with your digital purchase.  You can scan it onto a t-shirt or onto an apron.  You can even scan it onto a piece of cloth or canvas. Then you can paint or color it.  The black and white designs are very bold.  You may just want to keep your purchase black and white and frame it or make a greeting card with it.  M. Lynnie loves to make greeting cards on bright, white, 8.5” by 11” card stock.   Your creative ideas can be limitless! 

Knows #2:  

X‘Stazzle Publishing wants me to give you The Knows about copyright rules for the products you purchase from us.  All of the purchases from our online store Color the Magic Art & Other Eccentrics are copyright protected.  This means any purchase from our website may only be used for non-commercial drawing, coloring, painting and recreation on different surfaces. They are not for commercial use or mass production.  

Knows #3:  
Color the Magic Art has a Gallery of colored art pages and other eccentric and creative products for you to browse through.  Head in there and take a peek and get some great coloring ideas.  All of us here at Color the Magic Art would love to see your coloring work!  Send us some photos.  We want to see how creative you can be!  

Knows #4:  
There is an awesome Blog here at our art shop.  You can expect to read lots of stories and tells about the story-telling art, coloring cards and pages we sell here online. Don’t forget to check in and see what we are telling!  Stay in the Knows! 

Knows #5:  
I have a Newsletter.  Yes!  You guessed it.  I, Sulli Osto will write a monthly newsletter.  The name I have given it is, of course, “The Knowledgeable Knows.”  Each and every month I will be writing tells about our story-telling characters and our story-telling coloring cards.  And!  To keep you in a great coloring mood, you will receive a free digital printable with each monthly “Knowledgeable Knows.”   And Yep! Because she is the boss, I will allow M. Lynnie to add a few tells of her own.  Expect to find fun and eccentric activities you can do with friends and family and be on the look-out!  M. Lynnie will be introducing cooking recipes straight from the kitchen of The Gut Buddies. 

So remember!  Subscribe to my Newsletter “The Knowledgeable Knows.”  You…will not want to miss out on any of the tells or fun, eccentric activities. 

Knows #6:  
Visit our F.A.Q. page and view the questions we frequently get from our coloring customers.  

Knows #7:  
We are a telling business, so we want to hear from you—our customers.  You can reach us by visiting our Contact page. 

Well, The Knows are done and your tour of Color the Magic Art and Other Eccentrics is now complete.  Now!  Go peek in the art shop and have some fun and then…buy some of our fantastic art. 

And before you leave—Sign Up for my newsletter “The Knowledgeable Knows” and get ready—They-are-out-there… 
They-are-out-there… and they are ready—ready for some eccentric, FUN!  How About You? 

Til Then…… 

Sulli Osto

Sulli Osto

Grand Story Teller, Purveyor of Magic & Keeper of The Knowledgeable Knows