What is the best way to print my digital download?

For the best quality print, take your link to a print shop.  The cost is typically reasonable, depending on the size of the print you request and the quality of the paper you choose.  You can select to print on a home printer but be prepared, your print outcome will be a lower quality.

How do I attach my coloring-story cards?

The best method is to use double sided tape on the left Margins of the pages you want to attachstarting with the bottom page.  You can also glue the pages together, staple them together and attach decorative ribbons and other embellishments, or punch holes on the left margins and attach the pages with ribbon, thick string, yarn…be creative!

What print size can I print from my digital download?

Each digital product has been scanned to a high resolution.  You can print them in smaller or larger sizes.  This should provide many size choices. Look on our Gallery page for some print size ideas.

Can I color and sell my coloring print(s)?

No.   All sales from Color the Magic Art & other Eccentrics are copyrighted and cannot be used for commercial profit or mass production of any kind.

What coloring products should I use when coloring my print(s)?

You get to select your print paper so the choice of coloring product is yours.  M. Lynnie enjoys using a variety of coloring products for each print:  colored pencils, colored markers with a variety of tip sizes, gel pens, paints of all types, crayons, charcoal pencils and colored chalk. Stump sticks allow you to blend colors if you want to get creative.  Use a piece of scratch paper to test your coloring products before using them on your actual print.

Can I mass produce my prints?

No.  Not without permission from M. Lynnie Johnson and X‘Stazzle Publishing.  Here at Color the Magic Art & Other Eccentrics we believe in the development of healthy fun and creative time spent with others.   So, if you have a request, send us a message on our contact page and let’s see what we can create together.